Quon saga

Monday, February 5, 2018

The saga of Quon dates back to the days when Kenzo Adachi dreamed of his first diesel truck, right through to today’s engineers designing the tools for smart logistics. It’s a story of persistent reliability and dependability, with Quon honoring the heritage of the brand while leading the way into the era of smart logistics.

From the vast wilderness of Africa and Australia to the highlands of South America and to the snowy mountains of Japan, Quons are out there covering the kilometers.  Quon is equally at home on the busy roads of thriving cities, moving commodities or maneuvering across construction and mining sites. Whatever the situation or the demands placed on them, they run delivering on UD’s promise to go the extra mile beyond expectations.

2004: Launch of Quon, the cleanest heavy-duty truck in the world

UD Trucks Quon Saga

Quon’s journey began in 1998 when designers envisaged a flagship heavy-duty truck to capitalize on the qualities of its highly praised predecessor, Big Thumb. Called Quon – meaning “the eternal flow of time” in Japanese, the newcomer was built to set new standards in its class.

While Quon was under development, another team within UD was working to develop innovative environmental solutions. All truck manufacturers in Japan were racing to invent a new emission clearing technology to meet the government’s new regulations limiting diesel emission, taking effect in 2005. As a major innovator in engine development since its creation, UD Trucks became the first manufacturer in the world to commercialize its SCR Urea system, complying with the legislation a year ahead of deadline. Quon, equipped with the SCR Urea system, debuted at the 2004 Tokyo Motor Show, and became, to put it simply, the cleanest diesel truck in the world at the time.

It also represented well-balanced heavy-duty trucks, addressing the contradictory concerns of low running costs, environmental responsibilities, handling, comfort and safety.

Quon was a brilliant achievement that accelerated UD Trucks into the modern logistics era. Its IT-enabled features such as a voice assist function and internet-based remote checking transformed the heavy- duty truck into a “smart” vehicle for the next generation.

Among its other distinguishing features, Quon’s GE13 engine adopted high pressure unit injectors, which enabled high power with low emissions. In terms of design innovation, repeated wind tunnel testing resulted in a new cab with vastly improved aerodynamics.

As a pioneer in safety too, Quon introduced a new SAFES cabin structure and the world’s first knee airbag, as well as emergency braking system to reduce damage in the event of a collision.

With relentless attention to details while developing Quon, UD engineers went to the gemba. They rode in their customers’ trucks to experience travelling over long distances, and based on this analysis, designed a round cockpit delivering enhanced comfort and superior operability.

The new cab design aimed to diminish fatigue on long hauls and improve convenience in other areas, like a front passenger seat that flips up to give drivers room to get changed inside the cab. 

2010: A new start at UD Trucks, a new step forward for Quon

UD Trucks Quon Saga

The wheel of innovation kept rolling. In 2010, a new Quon model was released.

It was a result of fully utilizing UD's engineering and manufacturing strengths while benefitting from the technologies, knowledge and resources of the global Volvo Group, which the company had joined in 2007.

It featured high performance and fuel-efficient GH11 and GH13 engines and a revolutionary new generation of the ESCOT automatic gearbox. Offering unequalled drivability and greater fuel economy, the 2-pedal robotized-clutch ESCOT- Ⅴ gearbox allowed a more relaxing drive, for improved safety and driving pleasure.

In 2014 Quon received another major overhaul, with a range of improvements leading to even better drivability, higher payload and lower fuel consumption. Active safety was enhanced by a Lane Departure System and an Advanced Emergency Braking System, with front radar sensors making Quon capable of braking by itself if the truck detects a risk of collision. The truck was also fitted with UD Telematics Services in some markets to optimize running costs and further improve uptime.

The ESCOT- Ⅴ automated gearbox was also improved. It offered updated software and an Eco mode to maximize fuel efficiency, with an acceleration limiter for gradual speed increase and a Soft Cruise Control function.

Quon received much positive feedback on its improvement from drivers and business owners around the world.

All these qualities have kept Quon the champion in the heavy-duty segment. It demonstrates its strength and cost efficiency every day around the world, as well as outstanding reliability in the planet’s toughest environments.


2017: All New Quon, Innovation that puts people first.

UD Trucks Quon Saga  
Inspired by the illustrious predecessor, UD engineers returned to the drawing board with a clear objective in mind – turning UD’s commitment of “Going the Extra Mile for Smart Logistics” into reality.

UD Trucks introduced the concept of "Going the Extra Mile for Smart Logistics" at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show through its concept truck – Quon Vision –answering the changing needs of modern transportation. With improved drivability, fuel-efficiency, safety, productivity and uptime, All New Quon supports its driver in real time to improve all aspects of driving. This new flagship model also alleviates the pressure on fleet managers in the fast-paced logistics world by greatly increasing the bottom line of fleet efficiency.

Besides the extensive use of high tensile steel that makes Quon lighter and even stronger, with improved fuel economy and a higher payload, many innovative Smart technologies make All New Quon a perfect incarnation of UD efforts for Smart Logistics: 
UD Trucks All New Quon GH11 engine

A redesigned GH11 engine offers even more torque and complies with the new PPNLT Japanese regulations, which are the world’s most restrictive in terms of pollution.

The new generation ESCOT- Ⅵ gearbox, even smoother and smarter, featuring the predictive Foretrack* function for optimized fuel economy and a smart Escape function of operation on muddy or snowy terrain. Fuel economy is also supported by the Nenpi Coach System. 
UD Trucks best truck for all drivers

Safety is primordial to our customers and to our engineers: new disc brakes, and smart systems such as Traffic Eye Brake and Driver Fatigue Alert help driver to keep attention and perfect control of their vehicle. 

Relentless attention to detail and the desire to meet the needs of its customers continuously drive UD engineers. One will discover many more innovative solutions when taking All New Quon for a spin, which is the only way to experience the degree of improvements over its predecessor. All these improvements combine to make an even smoother and more appealing truck to drive and to own.

All New Quon underwent extensive testing to ensure it's prepared for any eventuality. The latest flagship is all ready to perform with uncompromised reliability and durability.

UD Trucks Quon Saga

The saga of UD’s Quon has only been possible because its customers in Japan and around the world have shown their solid trust over many years. Now it’s the turn of All New Quon to hit the road, to go the extra mile with the full support of local UD teams.

The saga of Quon continues. For more information on All New Quon, visit its launch site.

* Foretrack function is available in selected markets.