Going the extra mile with UD’s heavy-duty trucks

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Customers’ voices about Quon and Quester trucks

Covering the roads around the world, UD Trucks’ two heavy-duty models – Quon and Quester are building their legend. 

Voices from the Quon and Quester driver  and customer from South Africa

Company: Clover Industries Limited
Business: Dairy and juice producer
Driver: Alfred Njilo
His daily truck: Quon 440 and 340

Alfred Njilo works at Clover Dairies, the largest dairy and juice producer in South Africa. It is also the only publicly listed dairy company in the country. Clover takes driver training seriously, and has a yearly assessment system to continuously help its drivers build their skills.

“Alfred regularly gets 100 percent on his driving assessments. He drives very well and has entered several local competitions. He has won a competition run by the road traffic department several times,” says Tony Amaro the Delivery Service Manager at Clover.

Alfred is now familiar with both Quon and Quester truck. To him, “UD Quester has an excellent gearbox, it’s a very nice truck to drive.”

UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2017 South Africa contestant 

“Like their reputation, UD trucks never break, they give no trouble.” Alfred has driven trucks for 15 years, and for his daily truck – Quon, Alfred says firmly "I trust my truck!” “We have one old UD model in our fleet, a UD 290,” added Tony, “it just clocked 1 million km, and there is no problem with the engine.”

UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2017 South Africa Quon contestant 

“UD trucks are dependable vehicles, that is what you need if you are servicing customers everyday. Customers expect reliability, they don’t want to hear that you had a breakdown or any other problem. So far, a UD truck is the vehicle to use,” Tony remarks.

Voice from the Quester driver from Malaysia 

Company: ASAC Logistics Sdn. Bhd.
Business: General freight
Driver: Yuzairi Bin Ibrahim
His daily truck: 4X2 8-liter tractor Quester

At ASAC Logistics, Yuzairi drives a tractor Quester, transporting cargos from tires to various fast consuming goods.

Yuzairi has been driving trucks for ten years and has driven various different brands during his career, from European to Chinese ones. Testifying with extensive first hand experience with different truck, Yuzairi really enjoys driving Quester. 

UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2017 Malaysia contestant 

“Quester is a very good truck! Comfortable cab, and really built with driver comfort in mind,” says Yuzairi. 

UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2017 Malaysia contestant and ASAC Logistics managing director
Yuzairi Bin Ibrahim with the owner and Managing Director, Tan Seong Teik of ASAC Logistics

At ASAC Logistics, 135 of their 175-truck fleet are UDs. The owner and Managing Director, Tan Seong Teik has been building his UD fleet since he bought his first UD legacy model in 1980. His current fleet covers a large range from light- to mid- to heavy-duty UDs, allowing him to offer all kinds of transportation solutions to his customers.

Voice from the Quester driver from Thailand

Company: Banchakij Co.,Ltd.
Business: Construction products
Driver: Chukiat Klinthavorn
His daily truck: 6X4 11-liter Quester, 9-speed gearbox, with UD-EEB (no reduction axle)

Chukiat works at Banchakij Co., Ltd., a company specializing in construction goods freight. He has been a trucker for more than 30 years. In his opinion, a good truck has lots of torque, high horse power and a reliable braking system. 

“The roads I drive in Thailand are hilly, and the construction cargos are heavy, Quester is very good working under such condition.” says Chukiat. 

UD Trucks Extra Mile Challenge 2017 Thailand contestant 

The Quester he drives back home is equipped to handle these tasks: it has an 11-liter engine, with an optional UD-EEB (Extra Engine Break). As experienced as Chukiat is, he finds the Fuel Coaching System on Quester particularly invaluable; “it gives me live feedback on the road, so I can better monitor the fuel consumption.”

Banchakij Co., Ltd. now has 30 Questers in its 100-truck fleet, deployed either with a mixer or equipped to move heavy goods. Over 30 years of development, the company has earned a respected reputation in its field in Thailand.