Croner - Customer testing in Abu Dhabi

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Real-world tester: Agthia Group, leading food and beverages company in the Middle East, delivers products to their customers with UD trucks.

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

UD Trucks Croner customer testing

Asif Mahmood Ranjha, Fleet manager at Agthia Group
“This truck, and UD trucks in general, handle the extreme conditions here very well. The weather is extremely hot, yet we never had any issue with the engine over-heating. During the testing, this truck proved very helpful for our business. 

Croner consumes less fuel and also emits less harmful emissions. Our driver is very happy with the performance of the A/C. Croner is safe, reliable, and always offers a smooth drive – we are definitely planning on buying Croner or similar UD models in the future.”

UD Trucks Croner customer testing

Saqib Raza, Driver at Agthia Group
“I have been driving this truck for the last five months and its gearbox is very good and comfortable. Very nice gearbox! This truck is tailored for the cities, for the Middle East and also for me.”

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