All New Quon foretrack: predicting the road ahead

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Foretrack function together with ESCOT-VI help the drivers to improve fuel-efficiency on hilly roads.

How does it work? Using GPS, when All New Quon is travelling on hilly roads, the road gradients are automatically scanned and saved to memory. When the truck travels the same road again while driving with cruise control on ECO mode, Foretrack predicts the hills and descents ahead and automatically provides the most fuel-efficient driving by optimizing speed, gear change and auxiliary brakes.

How does it feel? On the road, Foretrack takes control and drives like the most skillful truck driver all the time. Before ascending a hill, Foretrack optimizes the acceleration in advance to reduce downshifting during the ascent. When the truck arrives near the top of a hill, Foretrack predicts the next descent and to reduce throttle it uses the vehicle’s momentum to finish ascension.

At the end of a descent, Foretrack engages with ESCOT Roll, allowing the truck to continue coasting by optimizing the use of auxiliary brakes when using cruise control in ECO mode.


All New Quon foretrack

  1. Acceleration optimization: Foretrack optimizes acceleration before climbing, to minimize the number of downshifts necessary to climb uphill.
  2. Uphill slope speed optimization: Foretrack optimizes throttle and gearshifts for best low rpm and torque compromise, to optimize fuel efficiency.
  3. Vehicle speed limit: when approaching the summit Foretrack predicts the next descending slope, and progressively releases throttle to use existing momentum and avoid unnecessary vehicle speed.
  4. ESCOT Roll: the gearbox automatically switches to neutral before descending to improve fuel economy.
  5. Optimum vehicle speed control: When approaching the speed, ESCOT Roll automatically shuts down and auxiliary brake is applied to optimally control the vehicle speed.
  6. Progressive brake release: predicting the end of descending slope, Foretrack progressively releases the auxiliary brake to use momentum to keep set speed and coasting with ESCOT roll as long as possible before using throttle again to maintain speed.

The Foretrack function is enabled automatically when starting the engine, as are the ECO mode, ESCOT Roll, Soft Cruise Control and Acceleration Limiter. Together with these functions and the Traffic Eye Cruise Control. 

Foretrack introduces comfortable, safe, and ecological driving, regardless of the skills of the driver.

The foretrack option is available in selected markets only.

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