Into the wilderness

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Darwin – on the northern tip of Australia – has a hostile natural environment and a long wet season. These are the conditions where Tomazos, a construction group, operates their new transport division, with UD Quons in their fleet.

Roads blog Into the wilderness

One of the UD 13-liter Quons of Tomazos’ fleet, driving through a flooded road in Darwin, Australia

The transport industry is characterized by hard working and highly committed people, and Keith Joy, Operations Manager of Tomazos’ transport and mining activities, is no exception. He started at 3am this morning after finishing at 9pm the night before. He is a man on a mission, and he has no time to waste. 

In Darwin, the wet season is so severe that it curtails the work for approximately six months, because the quarries and some of the roads are flooded. Yet even in the dry season the weather can vary, having a profound consequence on business and life in Darwin. Trucks must stay on the road permanently before the rain falls again, with single, double, triple and even quadruple trailer trains being used. 

Intense workload

“When the rain stops, you try to make one year’s work in six months,” Keith says. “You can do nothing for the other six months of the wet season.” That’s why reliability is vital.

Luckily with UD trucks, maintenance is rarely an issue, Keith points out. “The best part of UD trucks is that they don’t break down. Our other trucks, even less than one year old, have to go back to dealers; we have problems all the time. Not with our UD Quons. Two years and zero problems,” he says. “You save money when you buy UD Quons and also on the duration of the life of the trucks.”

Roads blog Into the wilderness
Keith doesn’t mince his words about the advantages of UD Quons, for him it’s simply, “Service them, put fuel in them, drive them, don’t worry about them.”

Extreme weather conditions

Brad Donald, the Transport Supervisor, also appreciates UD Quon’s reliability. “UDs react very well to the Australian heat, they don’t overheat. Some of our trucks are good on nighttime, but on daytime they have difficulties keeping the engines cool. UD Quons are very well adapted to our climate.”

 Roads blog Into the wilderness

"Great truck to drive: fast, reactive, comfortable,” Brad Donald says about UD Quon.

Driving comfort

When it comes to the time spent behind the wheel, the drivers love UD Quons, Brad says. “Importantly, Quons are also very comfortable: they actually like to drive these Quons for 12 hours a day. They don’t feel pain in their back or in their legs.” Plus the maneuverability! “They can turn on a penny. Other trucks are bigger, less agile. The small turning circle allows us to access narrow lanes, to unload in tight spots.”

This point is echoed by Rick. He is one of the best drivers in the team and is often specifically requested by clients. UD Quons allow him to easily maneuver in confined spaces: he is able to reverse around the back of a house, for instance, or down a side street. For him, UD Quons are the best ones for the job.

UD Trucks Roads blog
Rick, the best driver of Tomazos confirms UD Quon’s superb maneuverability.

UD trucks, a cost efficient solution

Regarding the running cost, which is vital in this very competitive sector, Keith says: “UD Quons are just more efficient. For the same job, same tonnage, same hours, a UD Quon needs 150 liters of fuel when some of our other trucks consume 250 liters. Just for this reason, as a business we would choose UD Trucks.”

Roads blog Into the wilderness 
“On single and double trailers, they are the best trucks money can buy,” Keith says.

Tomazos’ fleet is composed of many different brands of trucks, which allows comparisons of the different performances. Keith is always looking to optimize the company’s operational efficiency, and says: “We always try to make things better, more efficient. We try to get the best value, while keeping things running, all the time. For us, UD Quons offer the best return on investment. Compared to other trucks, they are cheaper to buy, cheaper on fuel, easier on tires, don’t wear brakes as quickly, are faster and snippier, and take off quicker from intersections. In terms of maintenance, parts are cheaper and maintenance also takes less time, so labor costs are also reduced. On single and double trailers, they are the best trucks money can buy.”

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