UD Trucks celebrates its 30 years of strong partnership with customers in Indonesia at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2013.

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Jakarta, 19 September 2013, UD Trucks Indonesia is taking part in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2013 to celebrate 30 years of its strong customer partnerships in Indonesia. UD Trucks is also exhibiting the transition of its model range over the last 30 years by showcasing some trucks which have been working in different applications from the latest to 30 years thus reaffirming its “Ultimate Dependability” even from the time when it was called UD Nissan Diesel.

UD Trucks, in close collaboration with its partner in Indonesia, PT Astra International – UD trucks, has been providing solutions for various transportation needs in Indonesia for over 30 years. With the trust of its loyal customers who appreciate its “Ultimate Dependability” UD Trucks has built strong bonds with its customers and continues its successful journey in Indonesia.

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For the 21st IIMS in 2013, UD Trucks has chosen the theme “30 years of life partnership and beyond”. UD Trucks will be showcasing their products starting from the 1980s up to 2013. The trucks that will be showcased at the UD Trucks booth are:

CK 10G from 1975
This model from Japan was marketed in Indonesia from 1975 until 1983 and exported to 43 countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Korea, and Ghana. This model was mostly used for transporting cargos, crude oil and also for firefighter units. This unit on display at the IIMS 2013 is 38 years old and was used for firefighting application in Indonesia. This truck is still in good running condition. 

CKA 12H from 1989
Produced since 1984, this was a very popular model in Indonesia. You can still see many units still running in various applications across Indonesia. Its NE6 engine is legendary and customers hold it as a benchmark in durability. This unit being displayed at the IIMS 2013 was being used by Astra International subsidiaries for their internal logistical operations for over 24 years. 

CKA 12 BTX from 2002
This model was introduced in Indonesia in 1990 and since 1990 CKA 12 BTX tractor head always been the leading the market in the 4x2 tractor category. Its durability has been proven over the years and due to its green colored cabin, it has earned a legendary name “Kepala Hijau” which means “Green head”. This unit being displayed at the IIMS 2013 has been hauling containers to and from Tanjung Priok port for the last 11 years. 

PKD 211 from 2004
This truck was the first product of UD Nissan Diesel in Indonesia that used the EURO 1 engine.. PKD 211 has 17 variants for different applications. This truck has been a dependable solution for many years and, was superseded by the PK260 series with Euro 2 emission in 2007. This unit being displayed at the IIMS 2013 has been used by Astra international subsidiaries for the last 9 years to support their internal logistics operation. 

CWA 260HT from 2013
Along with Volvo Group acquisition of UD Nissan Diesel, In 2010 when PT Astra Multi Trucks Indonesia introduced the new brand name UD Trucks in Indonesia, the CWA260HT was the first product to carry the new brand name. This model is still in production today, until now as much as 19 variants have been sold, to meet the customer demand from various segments.

“UD trucks has been the customer’s trusted partner for over 30 years and will continue to strive to meet and exceed their expectations in the future too" stated Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, Managing Director UD Trucks Indonesia.

Very strong partnership and support from PT Astra International – UD Trucks Sales Operations
UD Trucks, earlier known as UD Nissan Diesel has been in partnership with PT Astra International – UD Trucks Sales Operations since 1983 and over the years the partnership has grown along and as of today, the distribution and support network has not only grown across the Java Island, it has also expanded to Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. Today UD Trucks are supported with distribution network and after sales service in 22 points in Indonesia, and over the next few years, new locations will continue to get added so that customers can enjoy the professional after sales service close to their area of operation. 

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