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UD Trucks launches new Quester in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman -Truck to be rolled out further across the Middle East-

Tuesday, July 12, 2016 | Print Download

UD Trucks has introduced a new Quester heavy-duty truck range in Qatar, its first launch in the Middle East. Following subsequent launches in Saudi Arabia and Oman, Quester will be rolled out further across the region, where infrastructure developments are driving demand for heavy-duty trucks.


Launch event in Qatar

Truck demand is expected to grow steadily in the Middle East, bolstered by infrastructure developments and a construction boom stemming from the 2022 FIFA World Cup to be held in Qatar. Since its regional market entrance in the early 1970s, UD Trucks has contributed to the region’s economic growth through the large truck market responding to logistics needs of local customers in the construction, public services, and food and beverage industries.

The new range combines the best of three worlds; 

The new Quester, robust and strong heavy-duty truck range, was developed specifically to meet the needs of customers in the Middle East utilizing a combination of the best of three worlds; UD’s heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and customer care, Volvo Group’s global technology and aftersales knowhow, and cost efficiency through local gemba approach for manufacturing and sourcing. Quester came to the region with a wide range of trucks developed to meet the different needs of the fast growing markets; 8-litre and 11–litre engines; 9 and 12 gear-boxes; 6x4, 4x2 and 8x4 axles. The Japanese truck maker has been introducing Quester models in various markets since 2013 with applications that cater to market-to-market demands, including off- and on-road use and long haul transportation. 

“Prior to the launch across three markets in Middle East, we conducted repeated regional field tests to prove Quester’s durability,” says Toshihiko Odawara, UD Trucks Quester Product Line Director. “We are pleased to complete the launch of the new Quester—with proven durability under severe heat conditions, response to customer feedback and a support network through joint agreements with our local partners.” 

Quester’s robust performance, wide variety of applications, durability and ease of maintenance has earned favorable reputations in various markets. The new Quester, which offers off-road and long haul transportation capabilities with improved high-roof comfort, will be offered in other Middle East markets. 


Launch event in Saudi Arabia (left), in Oman (right)

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