UD Trucks launches the new “Quon” ~A major step towards higher fuel-efficiency ~

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The new Quon from UD Trucks is the most fuel efficient heavy duty truck so far. It is also an important step towards UD Trucks’ goal to lower fuel consumption with 10 percent.

Tokyo, May 8, 2014 - UD Trucks’ objective to increase fuel efficiency by more than 10%, using already available technology,  will lead to lower transport costs and reduced environment impact. The roadmap to the target was clearly illustrated by the Quon Fuel Demonstrator displayed at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. 

“Fuel consumption is on top of our customers’ agenda for several reasons and UD Trucks is now taking efficiency to the next level. Already being a benchmark in the Japanese heavy duty trucking industry, Quon has now a considerably improved fuel-efficiency and thereby again raised the bar for the industry. This is something our customers will notice very soon. The new Quon is a significant step towards our 10 percent fuel consumption reduction target”, said Yoshihiro Murakami, head of UD Trucks sales in Japan.

With Quon, UD Trucks continues its quest to contribute to customers’ TCO (total cost of ownership) by pursuing fuel efficiency through innovative technologies and cutting-edge supporting services.

Improved fuel economy leads to positive impact for society 

Fuel stands not only for about 30 percent of the customers’ total costs and measurable CO2 emissions impacting the environment. It also affects the Japanese economy. For example, if the entire population of heavy duty trucks in Japan would reduce fuel consumption by 4% in a single year; then the collective fuel consumption would decrease by 600 million liters, the fuel cost by 85 billion yen and the CO2 emissions by 1.5 million tons*. “It’s obvious that fuel efficiency is not only a large cost item for our customers, but also of major importance to our society. We are pleased to see that the new Quon will make a real and tangible contribution to a more sustainable environment for future generations”, said Yoshihiro Murakami. 

Engine and transmission improvements decrease operating costs

The well-known efficiency of UD Trucks’ 11 liter and 13 liter engines has been further optimized by reduced engine friction and improved torque at low engine revolutions. The result is a responsive engine, designed to deliver world-class fuel economy and smooth driving in all conditions. 
Fuel-efficiency has also been improved by further refinement of UD Trucks’ market-leading automated manual transmission, the Escot-V, which is the most popular gearbox in the Japanese market.  It is designed to tirelessly and consistently shift gears more wisely than most drivers and is thereby also contributing to the enhanced fuel efficiency. Escot-V is already a well-known term in Japanese trucking as around 75 percent of the current Quon trucks are already equipped with it.  Now, with new technological refinements, the removal of the clutch pedal that enables an efficient, modern and trouble-free environment for all drivers has been further optimized to support an improved fuel efficiency.
Driver support systems to further improve fuel economy

The new acceleration limiter and soft cruise control supports economical driving by modulating fuel delivery for a more efficient, smoother cruise control. UD Trucks’ Soft Cruise Control reduces the abrupt on/off fuel cycling that unfortunately is common with some other diesel engine cruise controls. 

UDIS Information Service monitors driving patterns

UD Information Service (UDIS), as an important part of UD Trucks’ fuel-efficient driving support systems provides useful real time information. In addition, monthly fuel consumption and driving reports that visualize each individual customer’s driving pattern can easily be created. The “Nenpioh” software, installed on the on-board unit, provides real-time, in-cab, fuel economy coaching to the driver and forms an important part of UD Trucks’ ambition to offer the best solutions for fuel efficiency. 

*The fuel calculation is based on a population of 600,000 heavy-duty trucks that run 100,000 kilometers on average per annum, and  diesel  price of April 30, 2014. The 2015 fuel efficiency standard level for one particular vehicle type is used.  

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