UD Trucks wins bronze award at the Event Technology Awards 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013 | Print Download

On November 5th UD Trucks won a bronze award at the prestigious Event Technology Awards in Las Vegas for “BEST COMBINATION OF EVENT TECHNOLOGIES (B-TO-B)” for the Quester launch in Bangkok.

The Event Technology Awards (ETA) is the largest competition world-wide that recognizes the use of leading technology in experiential marketing. Launched in 2011, the ETAs have experienced tremendous growth each year with over 300 entries submitted for consideration in 2013. 

The Quester launch in Bangkok featured extensive digital technology including the use of impressive 3-D mapping to reveal the brand-new Quester truck range; however, the main challenge lay in the creation of an event that was not only creative and exciting, but also inspirational. By creating 11 main stations with interactive technologies, Quester’s key features and offerings including fuel efficiency, reliability and aftermarket support, were demonstrated in an appealing yet effective manner.

“Our intention during the Quester launch was to deliver a unique brand experience. To have these efforts recognized is a great honour for us”, says Helena Strandlund Selander, Director Marketing Communication UD Trucks. 

“It has been an amazing experience working with talented people and finding smart yet cost effective solutions. To work with everything from RFID technology to motion tracking and mobile games, we really created a one of a kind event”, says Andreas Rosén, Manager Digital Communication UD Trucks. 

The award-winning technologies will be further developed and displayed at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 along with the world premiere of the laboratory vehicle Quon Fuel Demonstrator, as well as Japan’s premiere of Quester, and the flagship model Quon. The exhibits will demonstrate fuel-efficient performance, extended uptime and cost efficiency. 

Interactive stations at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show will feature: 
  • UD 4D Station
  • Fuel coach game (for Quester)
  • Fuel-efficient driving support game “NENPIOU” (for Quon)
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) sensors
  • Motion tracking

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