UD Trucks goes the Extra Mile at the Tokyo Motor Show

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At the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 to be held from November 23nd to December 1st in Tokyo, UD Trucks will showcase the Quon Fuel Demonstrator, aimed to achieve more than 10% lower fuel consumption, and on show, for the first time in Japan, will also be the new heavy-duty truck Quester developed for growth markets.

“Creating trucks that go above and beyond when it comes to fuel efficiency and uptime has always been a key focus for us” says the President of UD Trucks Yusuke Sakaue. “I am proud of UD Trucks continues to deliver the most efficient heavy-duty products and services.”

Quon Fuel Demonstrator - a laboratory on wheels
For the first time UD Trucks will present the Quon Fuel Demonstrator, a laboratory on wheels and the latest of UD Trucks’ developments, at the Tokyo Motor Show. The truck lifts the bar in fuel efficiency in three main areas. Firstly, driveline economy has been improved with the original 11-litre engine downsized to an 8-litre engine, whilst continuing to ensure sufficient drivability. Secondly, improved aerodynamic design minimizes wind drag and resistance. Thirdly, the Advanced Driver Assistance System supports fuel efficient driving by utilising GPS and road data to predict road profiles, enabling driving speeds that maximise fuel efficiency. With the Quon Fuel Demonstrator, UD Trucks demonstrates the possibility of decreasing fuel consumption by more than 10% in the proven diesel engine technology widely applicable and as a result increased business efficiency.

Quon – the heavy-duty flagship range
The UD Quon has been especially developed for the Japanese market to meet business needs of high uptime and leading fuel efficiency. The Quon combines high technical performance and driving support systems to increase fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact, while at the same time reducing customers’ total cost of ownership.

For the first time, visitors to the motor show will be able to explore a unique virtual reality tour of the UD engine GH11. On display will also be the successful ESCOT-V 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission, which provides exceptional gear shift timing while contributing to fuel savings and great drivability. 

The new Quester for growth markets showcased in Japan for the first time
Quester, the new heavy-duty truck launched in August, has been developed specifically to meet the different needs of growth markets, and serves a wide range of applications including mining, construction, distribution and long-haul transportation. By combining the best of three worlds – Volvo Group’s global technology, Japanese craftsmanship and local sourcing and manufacturing, Quester forms a highly competitive truck offer, providing affordability, reliability and fuel efficiency. 

Telematics Services supporting improved fuel efficiency and uptime
UD’s advanced Telematics Services, known as UD Information Service in Japan, will also be demonstrated at the show. The service in markets that have a supporting IT infrastructure comes as standard on Quon and is optional on the Condor and Quester models. It is a wireless communication tool allowing UD Trucks and fleet managers to collect information from the truck while it’s on the road. Through the service’s health monitoring and analysis, customers can improve uptime and gain fuel efficiency. The services include a fuel coaching system, called Nenpio in Japan, which visitors will be able to explore via an interactive game at the motor show. 

With the latest products and technologies on display, visitors will have an opportunity to get ‘up-close and personal’ with UD Trucks and experience first-hand what makes the Japanese manufacturer a leader of innovation and world-class trucks.  

UD Trucks’ exhibition will be located in Exhibition Hall East 1.  

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Quon Fuel Demonstrator

Model name CD, 6x2, Cargo Truck
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 25 ton (12-speed Automated Manual Transmission)
Engine model In-line 6-cylinder turbo intercooler 8-litre
Transmission ESCOT-V
Tires Front wheels: 295 / 80R 22.5
Rear wheels: 455 / 55R 22.5 (RR: Super single)”


Model name GK5XA, 4x2, Tractor
Vehicle dimensions (mm) W2,490 x L5,550 x H3,335
Gross combination weight (GCW ) 40-46 ton
Load on 5th wheel ~11.5 ton
Engine model GH11TC PNLT
Emission standard Post long-term emission control
Transmission ESCOT-V (12-speed Automated Manual Transmission)
302 (410) / 1,800
Max. torque N/m (kg/m) / rpm 1,814 (185) / 1,200


Vehicle model GWE64T, 6x4, Tractor
Cab dimensions (mm)
-W:inner door trim to door trim
-H:floor to roof above driver’s head
-L:front window to back panel
W2,470 x L2,229 x H2,000
Gross combination weight (GCW) 70 ton
Engine model GH11E in-line 6-cylinder turbo intercooler 11-litre
Emission standard EURO3
Max. power output kW (PS) / rpm 309 (420 ) / 1,900
Max. torque N/m (kg/m) / rpm 2,000 (204) / 1,000-1,400
Transmission 12-speed MTM (manual transmission)
Rear axle (Reducer) Center differential gear + single reduction

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