UD Trucks delivers world’s first Quester units

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UD Trucks yesterday delivered the first units of Quester, its all-new heavy-duty truck range, designed specifically for growth markets in Asia and the rest of the world.

Asia Group, the receiver of the first units, is in the concrete pile manufacturing business that demands for especially strong heavy-duty trucks, catering the transportation of the massy products. The deal between UD Trucks and Asia Group - which comprises 15 units in total - includes the signing of a comprehensive 3-year maintenance and repair contract.

Quester first truck

Photo caption: On Dec 16, UD Trucks delivered the first units of Quester, its all-new heavy-duty truck range, designed for growth markets in Asia, to Thailand’s Asia Group, a concrete pile manufacturer which signed a deal  for 15 units including a 3-year comprehensive maintenance and repair contract.

Being part of the Volvo Group since 2007, UD Trucks has recently geared up its manufacturing and distribution capabilities in Thailand. To achieve ‘closer to market’ status and ensure responsiveness to the demands from the Asian markets, investments over USD62 million (THB2 billion) had been made to expand the Greater Bangkok-based plant by adding a 20,000sqm facility with annual production capacity of up to 20,000 units. Additionally, USD93.5 million (THB3 billion) had been invested to increase the Thai dealer network.

Since its official introduction in August, the new UD Trucks range has received rousing support from the industry. Commercial transport companies in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia have put in orders for the Quester, regarded as an industry game-changer.

Mr Christophe Martin, President, Volvo Group Trucks, Asia Oceania Sales, said: “The UD Quester is the result from years of seeking a solution to the needs of our customers in Asia and growth markets – at an affordable price. Marrying the Japanese brand’s reputation for dependability and Volvo’s global technology expertise, the Quester is designed, priced and equipped with features that cater to a multitude of different industries, from distribution to long-haul transportation, mining to construction.”

Growth is driven by high levels of Asia infrastructure spending
Mr Martin continued, “Economic reports have shown that as Asia continues its fast infrastructure growth, there is high demand for the right commercial transportation.” 

According to Goldman Sachs economics research, the infrastructure spending for Indonesia is estimated at USD240 billion, Thailand at USD105 billion, and Malaysia at USD45 billion for the period between 2013 and 2020. 

Best-in-class features
The Quester is designed to provide best-in-its-class fuel efficiency and uptime with a wide range of applications.

The new truck range has a built-in, real-time Fuel Coaching system, which gives instant feedback and assistance to the drivers to help them drive as economically as possible. With the system, fuel savings of up to 30% are possible. The Quester also offers Telematics Hardware, a wireless communication tool, which allows collection of information from the vehicle while it is on the road. This assists customers with a variety of services, including breakdown assistance, preventive maintenance analysis and corrective service scheduling. Through its built-in durability and easy maintainability, the Quester is equipped to extend uptime, enabling more productivity for its customers.

Japan’s Good Design Award winner
A total of 1,500,000 engineering hours and 65,000 test hours were spent on the development of the Quester to ensure that it delivers as well in real life as conceived by the UD Trucks engineers. Combining Japanese quality with Volvo Group’s technology know-how, the Quester was awarded the prestigious Good Design Award in the ‘Truck’ category in 2013. This accolade is awarded annually by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for designs that enrich everyday life and are of outstanding quality.

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