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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

UD Trucks launches Quester and Croner in four Latin American markets

UD Trucks rolled out sales of its heavy-duty Quester and its new medium-duty Croner model in the four Latin American markets of Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Trinidad and Tobago from October to December in 2017. Quester and Croner offer a greater range of variants and options than existing models, matching the precise needs of customers in a wide range of activities. Read more

Friday, January 12, 2018

UD Trucks combines the best of two worlds for customers – says Volvo Group’s CEO

Since its foundation, UD Trucks has been a challenger, pushing the boundaries in product development and innovation. Together with its parent company, the Volvo Group, UD Trucks is now also innovative in its business model to provide the trucks and services the world needs today utilizing the best of the two worlds – the strength as a Japanese automotive manufacturer and Volvo Group’s support. We asked Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group, during his recent visit to Japan about his views on how UD Trucks is performing and where he sees it heading. Read more