History of ESCOT

ESCOT has evolved since its birth over 20 years ago as a safety device

ESCOT chronology

Chronology of ESCOT's development

The ESCOT-Ⅴ is a technological breakthrough, featuring numerous innovations. With only two pedals, the gearbox operates totally automatically, or manually through the shifter. Gearshifts are made quickly and smoothly by computer-controlled mesh synchronizing. Building on the ease-of-use and safety features of the previous ESCOT gearboxes, ESCOT-Ⅴ brought in innovative Smart Eco features to maximize drivability and safety such the Easy Hill Start, ESCOT Roll, and Cruise Control. 

In 2014, ESCOT-Ⅴ was upgraded with improved software and an Eco mode, to maximize fuel efficiency, offering an acceleration limiter for gradual speed increase and a Soft Cruise Control function.

The ESCOT-Ⅴ - developed from a long and prestigious line of innovative predecessors – has earned its name as the most technologically advanced automatic gearbox in its segment. Mated to the globally recognized GH11 engine, the ESCOT-Ⅴ combines state-of-the art mechanical and electronic technologies, to provide the driver with a pleasant and reactive drive, and fleet managers with lower operating costs and better fuel efficiency. This is the perfect balance, which every day convinces more and more UD customers to opt for this top-of-the-range gearbox. Nearly 80% of Quons sold in Japan today are equipped with an ESCOT-Ⅴ gearbox.