Comfortable and efficient driving performance

"ESCOT-Ⅵ" – the latest evolution in 12-speed automated manual transmissions, plus disc brakes and an interior designed for driver comfort, deliver a sophisticated driving experience that reduces driver stress and fatigue.

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ESCOT-Ⅵ provides professional driving performance
UD Trucks All-New Quon driver environment movie
UD Trucks - All New Quon

Driver environment

The comfortable cockpit design which puts people first, is a result of ergonomically reassessing maneuverability and visibility. This movie highlights the driver environment of the all-new Quon that goes the extra mile.

ESCOT-Ⅵ performance improved on snowy roads and in muddy areas
Excellent visibility designed instrument panel
Easy access to functions and information on steering wheel switches
Disc break provides reliable and powerful braking
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