Did you know this about UD?

UD Trucks is Going the Extra Mile since 1935

Did you know... UD Trucks was founded in 1935 by Kenzo Adachi?  Adachi
Did you know... UD Trucks succeeded in developing Japan's first 10-ton payload truck, the popular 6TW, in 1958?   6WT_web
Did you know... the name of UD (UD engine) was born in 1955, before the company name changed to Nissan Diesel in 1960?


Did you know... that the birth of the original UD engine - UD6 -  was the lightest engine in the world in the 200-horsepower class?

Did you know... that the PD6T in 1971 was Japan's first turbocharged diesel engine with direct injection?



Did you know... that the Traffic Eye in 1989 was the world’s first commercialized radar laser collision prevention system?

Did you know... that the VNT in 1989 was the word's first continuously controlled variable nozzle turbocharger?

VNT 1943 27_web


Did you know... UD Trucks introduced in 1995 Japan’s first electrically-controlled automated mechanical transmission ESCOT?

Did you know... CNG Condor was in 1996 Japan's first medium-duty CNG truck?



Did you know... UD Trucks Ageo plant was in 1997 the first heavy-duty truck facility in Japan to attain the ISO9002 certification?

Did you know... that in 1997 EBS was Japan's first Electric Braking System for heavy-duty trucks?

EBS 2711_web


Did you know... that in 1998 GE13 was Japan's first engine with electronically controlled unit injector?

Did you know... UD Trucks was in 1999 Japan's first factory that had production lines for both medium and heavy-duty trucks?

first factory for med and heavy duty truck_web


Did you know... UD Trucks' 2002 "custom paint system" was a first among Japanese manufacturers?

 custom paint
Did you know... the Capacitor Hybrid Truck was in 2002 the world's first capacitor hybrid truck?



Did you know... that CNG Big Thumb was in 2002 Japan's first heavy-duty CNG truck?

Did you know... UD Trucks was in 2004 the world's first truck company to have trucks with knee airbag and knee protector?



Did you know... UD Trucks was in 2004 the first in the world to have introduced a truck with the urea SCR system?

 UREA-SCR system
Did you know... UDIS was in 2010 Japan’s first remote diagnostic service?


Did you know... UD Trucks launched a heavy-duty truck for growth markets in 2013 named Quester?

Did you know... UD Trucks is the only manufacturer in Japan to make heavy-duty snowplow trucks?

Did you know... UD Trucks is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2015?
Did you know... UD Trucks launched in 2015 UD Road Support, that comprises our unique in-house call center and road support service that serves 24/7?
 54241 Uptime Interior Graphic V7
Did you know...  UD Trucks is going the extra mile for Smart Logistics?
 smart logistics_web