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How ESCOT-Ⅴ helps your business

ESCOT-Ⅴ provides you with smart fuel efficiency and drivability

The AMT is a fusion of the superiority of the MT and the torque converter type AT

While utilizing the advantages of the MT including fuel efficiency, light weight, and engine braking, we have achieve simple operation that renders clutch operation and shifting unnecessary by making this fully automatic.

ESCOT comparision items

An ESCOT vehicle combines the best of an MT and an AT vehicle

Improved operating rate

Anybody can drive like a skilled driver since ESCOT-Ⅴ instantly and automatically selects the optimum gear from a wide gear ratio that is best in its class. Removing the focus on a driver's particular skills enables efficient driver operation.

Shorten time needed for driver training

Besides appropriate gear selection, the timing of the gear change and acceleration control is also handled automatically, allowing new drivers and female drivers to operate the vehicle like a skilled driver. This significantly shortens the time needed for education and training.

The key to driver recruitment

Clutch operation is not necessary, and advanced auto cruise control that automatically handles gear selection greatly reduces stress on the driver. This promotes a comfortable drive environment that can accommodate any age and gender, providing a significant benefit to driver recruitment.

Contributes to improved reliability

Eliminating complicated operation has a significant effect on reducing the burden and stress on the driver. It also reduces fatigue such as during long distance driving, which in turn increases the trust shippers have in providing service with a degree of safety.

ESCOT-v for business