Maximize your operating hours with increased fuel efficiency

UD Trucks prides itself in offering you the package that suits your needs. Croner uses fuel efficiently and without waste. Using less fuel every minute means going further and longer at lower cost.

UD Trucks Croner GH8E engine

The 8-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine

The GH8E offers excellent and powerful performance, ideal for construction work and for transporting large and heavy loads.
• Strong power combined with low operating costs through good fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance and long service intervals.
• Power/torque: 250 hp/950 Nm, 280 hp/1,050 Nm (Euro-3/Euro-4).

UD Trucks Croner Telematics Services

UD Telematics services

Our designed solutions are aimed at encouraging better driving behavior and protection of fuel assets:
• Fuel utilization reports to demonstrate how the truck and driver are performing.
• Fuel advisory services to improve driving behavior.
• Fuel loss alert to prevent theft or misuse of fuel.
• A cable-connected fuel follow-up tool is also available.

Advanced precision for top-level fuel efficiency

The heart of Croner is the new 8-liter GH8E engine developed by UD Trucks, it features state-of-the-art technology with high torque of up to 1,050Nm and fuel efficiency as key strengths to give optimal performance.

With maximum torque delivered from low revs and in the “green band” – that is, a flat torque curve with a wider max-torque band – the GH engine operates efficiently and without excess revving. This means better pulling power with less fuel consumed and less component wear.

UD Trucks Croner fuel coaching

Fuel coaching

The best way to improve driving behavior is to get coaching in real time.
• All Croner models are equipped with a built-in fuel coach, an onboard solution clearly displayed at the center of the instrument cluster, giving instructions in real time.
• Fuel coaching improves driving behavior by prompting driver to use optimal revs and reduce unnecessary acceleration.

UD Trucks Croner

Aerodynamic cab design

Croner's cab is designed for increased fuel efficiency.
• A new, more aerodynamic cab design.
• Optional roof deflector
• Reduced coefficient of drag (CD) by five percent.
• Improved fuel efficiency at highway speeds.