Advanced fuel-efficient driveline 

The New Quon driveline features the clean 'GH11 Engine' with improved horsepower and torque, and the 'ESCOT-VI' automated manual transmission with enhancements to fuel efficiency. The driveline uses advanced technology to achieve high fuel efficiency and smooth comfortable driving with little fatigue.

Fuel efficient, powerful, clean 'GH11' engine

The ‘GH11 Engine’ uses the unique properties of both a unit injector and a common rail system. The GH11 generates torque in a wide revolution range, starting from low revolutions. It features a new fuel injection system and changes to the shape of the combustion chamber. These advances enabled the GH11 to exceed Japanese heavy vehicle fuel economy standards by 5%, and to comply with the stringent pPNLT Emissions Standards, which are equivalent to Euro 6 emission requirements.

ESCOT-Ⅵ for enhanced fuel efficiency

Evolutions in the hardware and software controls of the ESCOT-Ⅵ 12-speed automated manual transmission provide improved gear shifting. These enhancements achieve fast and accurate gear-changes leading to increased fuel efficiency. 

Advanced Functions for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficient driving begins as soon as the driver starts the new Quon. When the engine is running, ECO mode, ESCOT Roll, Acceleration Limiter, Soft Cruise Control, and other features automatically turn on.

UD Driver Development
UD Trucks have a dedicated driver development team who deliver driver development tools to dealers, fleets, and private customers. These lessons are designed to help drivers fine tune their driving style so as to ensure both safer and more economical progress on the road. Vehicles can be driven in a more fuel efficient manner, creating significant savings for the company as well as the environment.

New QUON Driving on Australia highway
UD Trucks Australia | Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficient driving in ECO Mode

Functions that enhance fuel efficiency are engaged as soon as the engine is started.

ESCOT Roll comes on automatically if certain conditions* are satisfied while in ECO mode. If the truck goes too fast while the Traffic Eye Cruise Control is ON, ESCOT Roll cancels automatically. This function enhances fuel efficiency while coasting, by reducing fuel consumptiondue to re-acceleration.
*When the gear lever is in the D range, the exhaust brake switch is OFF, and coasting in 7th gear or higher on a flat road.

The acceleration limiter is programmed to limit sudden acceleration above a certain level which enhances fuel efficiency and maintains stable driving. If acceleration is required, the driver can hit the ECO OFF switch on the steering wheel to remove the limitation on strong acceleration.

Soft Cruise Control suppresses sudden acceleration and returns the truck to the set vehicle speed. This provides excellent fuel efficiency.

The "Nenpi Coach" system analyses driving patterns for a specified time period, then displays optimal fuel efficiency advice on the multi-display monitor in an easy-to-read format. The driver can also check other detailed information and optimal driving techniques to improve fuel economy.