Comfortable Driving Performance for All Drivers

Highly efficient engines with Allison Generation 5 automatic transmissions in some models have been adopted. These features will assist in reducing stress & fatigue, by providing a comfortable driver environment resulting in better operability during long hours behind the wheel.


Fuel efficiency

The highly efficient engine contributes to a reduction in transportation costs

The engine realizes high efficiency even though it is light and compact. It realizes high environmental and loading performance and fuel efficiency, and significantly contributes to a reduction in transportation costs.



Feel safe and secure behind the wheel with ABS, on all Condor models, and standard Easy Hill Start (EHS) on manual models. The Condor cabin is ECE R29 compliant, with standard Front Underrun Protection (FUPS) & a 6.5T rated front axle. Standard reverse camera is included on all Condor models. Up to 2 additional cameras can be connected to the standard touch screen multimedia unit with truck specific sat nav as standard.


Reliability and durability you can count on

Highly reliable and durable trucks are essential for ensuring the high levels of uptime and distribution that shippers demand. We support our customers' businesses with reliability and durability that they can count on.

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