Quon Heavy-Duty

Extended Protection Plan


The extended protection plan is available on all new QUON Models CD / CW / GK / GW. The extended protection plan must be purchased within 60 days of the original delivery date of the vehicle


37-60 months / 500,000kms**
Repairs are to be carried out by an authorized UD Truck Dealer or their nominated agent. The extended protection plan will cover all listed major component parts. Parts and labour charges will be covered under the extended protection plan

Components covered

All internally lubricated engine components, intake & exhaust manifolds, turbocharger, flywheel housing, and oil cooler

Pressure plate

Transmission (Auto / Manual)
Internal components (except normal wear & tear, clutch packs, seals, synchronizers/ manual transmission)

Propeller shaft
Propeller shaft tube, yoke and flange (except universal joints and center bearings)

Front axle
All component parts (except kingpins and bushes)

Rear Axle
Rear axle housing

All internal parts (except oil seals)

Chassis rails and cross members


FQUON (All models)

excluding GST
Note: ** Whichever occurs first – months / kilometres.

What is not covered

Examples of excluded items which are either part of normal maintenance or wear & tear include:
• Oil, fuel, air, coolant and air-conditioner filters, drive belts, lubricants, bulbs, fuses, wiper blades, hoses, glass.

Examples of excluded adjustments which are part of normal maintenance include:
• Engine valves, wheel and axle alignments, trailer brake valve and tightening of hoses, pipes and bolts.

Examples of wear and tear items include:
• Brake discs and pads, clutch plates / linings, clutch packs. Bearings, synchronisers, shock absorbers, bushings, shock absorber rubbers, kingpins, oil seals, universal joints, shackle pins, upholstery, glass, mud flaps, towing couplings, trailer connections.

Warranty does not cover the following items:
• Alterations not approved by UD Trucks.
• Any vehicle component, replacement spare part which has been subject to misuse, negligence, improper installation, accident or any service or repair not conducted in accordance with the UD Trucks Preventative Maintenance / Service Plan [or any other applicable manual].
• Failure to apply UD Trucks recommended lubrication / maintenance intervals in accordance with Owner’s Manual.
• Consequential, indirect or incidental expenses incurred as a result of defects in manufacturer’s material / workmanship.
• Normal deterioration of paint, soft trim and appearance items due to wear and exposure.
• Tyres – these have a separate warranty covered by the tyre manufacturer.
• Normal noise and vibration.

Warranty does not cover damage / failures / corrosion resulting from the following:
• Accident, theft, fire, vehicle overload or misuse.
• Use of improper / contaminated fluids, coolants or lubricants.
• Failure to follow schedule maintenance services.
• Use of parts other than genuine UD Trucks parts.
• Environmental conditions, acts of God and other events beyond the control of UD Trucks such as wind storm, hail, stone damage, floods or lightning.
• Failure to follow instructions for AdBlue use, storage and handling as described in drivers instruction booklet.

Note: ** Whichever occurs first – months / kilometres.

Agreement / Application

If this application is accepted by UD Trucks you will receive an executed copy of this agreement / application. The executed copy will have a “Plan number” in the “Internal Use Only” section of this page.
Keep a record of this “Plan number” as it is required should you need to make a claim under this extended protection plan. If the payment is not received in conjunction with this agreement/application this contract is null and void.

Extended Protection Plan sold by:


Customer Name:



Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):
Delivery Date:  
Plan Number:  
I agree that coverage under this extended protection plan is conditional upon receipt of payment and approval by UD Trucks. I agree that the extended protection plan will begin from the warranty registration date. I agree that the extended protection plan is subject to the terms and conditions as printed on the reverse side of this agreement / application.
Signature of Customer:
Signature of Dealer:

The benefits conferred by this Extended Protection Plan are in addition to other rights and remedies available under the Australian Consumer Law.