10 All New Quon 8x4s for agitator subcontractor Lazza’s Logistics

Press Release | March 04, 2021

For the first time Lazza’s Logistics have partnered with UD Trucks making the switch to the brand with an investment in 10 All New 8x4 Quons.

Queensland based sub contractor Lazza’s Logistics has over 20 years’ experience in providing regional transport solutions to companies in the agitator industry. Due to their expertise operators such as Holcim and HY TEC have partnered with them for decades.

Safety along with productivity are the cornerstones of owners Larry and Carla White's business.

The Quon CG30360PAA 8x4 is the first UD Truck that Larry, Carla and Scott have purchased, and having committed to 10 new trucks this shows how much they believe in the product. Vice President of UD Trucks Sales Lauren Downs says “ we are thrilled to welcome Larry and Carla to the UD family, and believe our brand values around safety, ultimate dependability and going the extra mile for supporting our customers, are an excellent strategic fit for their business. We look forward to hopefully celebrating our joint success with our latest product offering.”

UD Trucks are renowned for their strong Japanese heritage and craftsmanship, Volvo Group’s technology, and the local Australian dealer network which means vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum. “ With our trucks hauling cements loads and making numerous drop offs between the Gold Coast and Brisbane we need safe, reliable and efficient vehicles" says Larry.


The Quon is packed with industry leading safety features like disc brakes, traffic eye breaking, lane departure warning system and electronic stability control to ensure the safety of the driver and other road users. Safe driving is easier if the truck can predict potential dangers and warn the driver. “Our priority is ensuring our drivers return safe to their families at the end of the day” continues Carla.

As well as safety, UD Trucks values environmental care, and the 8 litre Quon delivers a number of features which work together to maximise fuel savings, including ECO mode, adaptive cruise control, and ESCOT Roll. Scott explains “at the end of the day we are running a business and the fuel efficiency of the Quon was a big selling point which will positively impact our bottom line.”

Driver comfort has been at the forefront of the cabin design with ESCOT VI automated manual transmission enabling unparalleled operability. During the hand over the proud new owners were “blown away with how smooth the Quon is to drive and how easy it is to manoeuvre.”

The new 8X4 Quon is tailor made for the Australian market, offering a high tensile steel chassis frame and low tare weight for increased payload delivering extra productivity . An unprecedented level of uptime is achieved through improved service intervals, comprehensive staff training and support from the extensive Volvo Group network.


UD is built on relationships and has become the brand that customers can rely on. Therefore it’s no surprise that Lazza’s Logistics have covered their trucks under the service agreement, receiving all their maintenance and servicing through the Volvo Group Australia dealer network. The company is committed to continually driving lower total cost of ownership across the entire UD Trucks range.

UD Trucks go the extra mile, giving customers extra fuel mileage and uptime whilst providing industry leading safety features. “UD and its people really make the extra effort to support our business, making UD the ultimate business partner for Lazza’s Logistics” states Larry .