UD Trucks Australia celebrates Extra Mile Challenge winner

Press Release | April 06, 2021

On the 16th of March UD Trucks Australia celebrated their Extra Mile Challenge winner - Steve Gould, from B&D Crane Trucks in Adelaide

The Extra Mile Challenge is a driver-skill based competition that tests drivers across several key areas, aiming to demonstrate how improvements in driver behaviour can translate to safer driving, improved fuel consumption and reduced wear and tear on vehicles. Drivers were monitored through the course of the 12 week competition via the truck’s telematics system, and Steve achieved the highest positive percentage change of an incredible 230%. 

The plan was for Steve to travel to UD Trucks Headquarters in Ageo, Japan to compete in the Extra Mile Challenge Global final. However due to the pandemic a virtual ceremony took place to award all 10 local winners from 9 different countries. Steve and his employers, along with representatives from UD Trucks Australia and South Central Trucks attended the special viewing event held at the Hilton Hotel in Adelaide.

Addressing the winners from Ageo Headquarters in Japan, UD Trucks President Takamitsu Sakamaki said, “it is a shame that you cannot be with us in person to celebrate this occasion, but we are delighted that you could join us for this virtual event. You are truly the unsung heroes, supporting society in the midst of the pandemic, carrying food and medical supplies to people in need. We congratulate and thank you for your outstanding contribution to logistics.”


Konstantin Kriegelsteiner, Senior Vice President of Brand and Communications made a live cross to the Australian winner and said “I hear you are amazing in saving fuel, which probably makes your boss very happy. What is your trick in achieving the best fuel consumption using a UD truck". Steve revealed that his approach to fuel efficiency is “to pay attention to the telemetry, get the constant feedback and then adapt your driving.”

Throughout the competition Steve was rigorously committed to improving his performance and had regular check ins with his Fuel Watch Manager, Chris Moar from South Central Trucks. Chris said “we had several conversations where I was able to use the data I had from the truck’s telematics system to update Steve on his progress. We also talked about the best ways to improve in the various areas, so he could consistently improve his score and maintain safe and fuel efficient driving practices.” 


Each winner was awarded an Ultimate Driver prize box which included custom-made merchandise and two virtual airline tickets to Japan, which will be converted to actual tickets once the pandemic subsides and normal international travel resumes.

Congratulations to Steve who was crowned Australia’s Ultimate Driver, it was an incredible event celebrating his outstanding performance. 

The full Extra Mile Challenge virtual ceremony can be viewed here: https://volvogroup.sharepoint.com/sites/nc-australia-news/SitePages/australia-celebrates.aspx