Pat Ryan

Pat Ryan Gemba Spirit


To have Gemba Spirit is to embrace everything UD Trucks Australia stands for: going the extra mile to deliver Ultimate Dependability for our valued customers and drivers across the country. Over the next few months we will be looking to profile a number of members of the UD Trucks Australia community that demonstrate what it means to have ‘Gemba Spirit’.

Our first profile comes in the form of Pat Ryan, Key Account Handover and Delivery Manager. Pat is the definition of dedicated to the cause and embodies everything that is Gemba Spirit. In his own words, he has lost count the amount of times he has gone the extra mile for a customer and is committed to ensuring each customer knows their vehicle back-to-front upon receiving their new UD.

Pat has been with UD Trucks Australia since early 2011, with his current role tasking him with to familiarise new UD customers from a fleet with their new truck. Pat also plays a role in the decision-making process for fleet customers, taking them through the product even before purchasing to ensure they have a comprehensive knowledge of the product.

“Anytime I hand over or deliver a truck to a new UD customer is a great memory, especially when they have not been exposed to the brand before”, said Pat.

“It is a genuine feel of pride I have to show these new customers what this truck can do for them, their business, and their family.”

With UD’s Croner and 8x4 Quon scheduled to land on Australia roads in coming months, Pat is set to be a busy man in 2020, preparing customers to get the most out of their trucks.

“These trucks are of such high quality, superior ride, comfort and economy, they will set the benchmark for the industry. I am very excited to travel to our dealers doing familiarisation on these fantastic products.”

Despite being with UD for almost a decade, it is clear that Pat’s passion for the brand hasn’t subsided one bit. As UD increases their investment in technology, Pat is excited to see what will hit Australian roads in the coming future.

Another factor that heavily contributes to Pat’s love of UD is the dedicated dealer network, in his opinion the strongest and the most caring in Australia.

“I have been to nearly every one of our dealers throughout Australia, and the support they give their customers and the deep insight they have of

their customers’ needs are second to none. Some dealers do not care, our dealers are unique.”

Pat has often been hailed as Mr UD Trucks Australia due to his attention to detail and his commitment to customer success. His dedication to customers and products embodies Gemba Spirit, with UD Trucks Australia lucky to have his support in key account handovers and during the decision making process.

Be on the lookout for Gemba Spirit profiles in the coming months from UD Trucks Australia.

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