Tips for keeping your truck cab tidy

A tidy cab, a clear mind! Working in a clutter-free zone brings more focus and calm as you have less visual distractions. Here are seven tips from UD Trucks to help you keep your can tidy. Happy trucking!

Keep it out

Fresh air through the cab is refreshing, but you’d be surprised how much dust gets blown in. Keeping your windows rolled up will cut down on dirt, dust, and other particles blowing in from the road. 

 UD Trucks Tips for keeping your truck cab tidy

Vacuum it up

Every cab needs—a vacuum. It’s the fastest way to suck up anything and everything and is great at lifting dust out of tight corners and seat cushions.

UD Trucks Tips for keeping your truck cab tidy

Filter it out

Replacing your air filters regularly means you’re breathing in clean air. Enjoy a cab free of musty air and unhealthy smells. 

UD Trucks Tips for keeping your truck cab tidy 

Leave dirt outside

Some truck drivers like to travel with two pairs of shoes: one for driving and one for outdoor wear. Keeping an extra pair of shoes handy can avoid bringing dirt into the cab.

Wipe it away

Having a pack of handy wipes – baby or common disinfectant – is the secret to keeping your cab’s surfaces sparkling. A quick wipe will remove dust or soak up a spill in a few seconds.

 UD Trucks Tips for keeping your truck cab tidy

Sponge it off

It’s only normal that upholstery and carpets end up with a few stains. Warm soapy water or upholstery cleaner will usually do the trick. It’s a good idea to do a spot test on an unseen corner of your seat upholstery to make sure the cleaner won’t damage or discolor your fabric. Apply the cleaner evenly across the stain and then sponge the area clean with warm soapy water or according to the instructions on the product. Airing your cab after cleaning with water avoids any musty, damp smells building up.

 UD Trucks Tips for keeping your truck cab tidy

Seek out spaces

Keeping your cab free of unnecessary elements means you’re not continually distracted by visual clutter. Seek out your cab’s spaces to tuck away your belongings. A cab organizer can be a great investment to help you keep on top of your interior. 

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