On-the-road exercises

Long days of driving can leave your body feeling tired, numb and stiff and the pressure of deadlines often means that finding time to hit the gym or go for a walk can be difficult. UD Trucks gathered a selection of exercises to get your blood flowing and work your joints and muscles, all of which can be performed without having to leave your cab.

UD Trucks On-the-road Exercises Only exercise when you are stationary – truck in neutral with brakes on – or parked.


The exercises most suited for practice in the cabin are called isometric contractions. They involve muscular contractions against resistance without movement, holding for a few seconds and releasing.

Each exercise should be repeated 8–10 times for maximum benefit!

Shoulder shrugs

Releases tension in your neck and shoulders.

 UD Trucks On-the-road exercises
Lift your shoulders up toward your ears, hold for 8–10 seconds, and lower. Repeat.

Gluteus exercises

Keeps your bottom from getting numb.
UD Trucks On-the-road Exercises
Squeeze your buttock (gluteal) muscles, hold for a count of 10, then relax. Repeat.

Inner-thigh strengtheners

Strengthens your inner thighs.
UD Trucks On-the-road Exercises
Place a small pillow between your feet. Try to lift the item off the floor and squeeze your legs together at the same time. You can also place the pillow between your knees and squeeze.

Toe raises

Helps work the muscles in the front of your shins.
UD Trucks On-the-road Exercises
Lift toes, hold for 10 seconds, relax and repeat.

Heel raises

Helps strengthen your calf muscles.
UD Trucks On-the-road Exercises 
Place a bag or stack of magazines on your lap. Lift heels, hold for 8–10 seconds. Relax then repeat.

Bicep engagers

Develops your bicep muscles.
UD Trucks On-the-road Exercises 
Hold onto the handle above the window and engage the biceps as though you are pulling yourself up from your seat. Hold for 8–10 seconds, then relax. Switch seats, if possible, to work the other arm.

Abdominal squeezes

Tightens your stomach muscles.
UD Trucks On-the-road Exercises 
Squeeze your abdominal muscles as though you are trying to make your ribs touch your stomach, then release and sit up straight. Repeat.

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