Fuel-efficient driving

Did you know there are certain techniques you can adopt very easily that – when added together – could help you economize up to 30% in fuel consumption? UD Trucks is currently developing driver-training courses in order to help improve your fuel economy - Until then, try to follow these few simple steps.

Planning your route

Remember, the shortest route is not necessarily the most fuel-efficient!

Tips and tricks fuel efficiency

Tips and tricks fuel efficiency

Scanning the road

• A driver who keeps his/her eyes continuously moving will anticipate danger much earlier!
• Look ahead as far as possible, see where the truck will be in 45 seconds
• Check your mirrors often

Tips and tricks fuel efficiency

Trimming your speed

• Keep your eyes on the speedometer and your foot off the gas
• Drive at a constant speed to minimize fuel consumption
• Stay within the speed limit 
• But please keep in mind, the posted speed limit is not always safe

Did you know? 
For every 5km/h increase in speed, your fuel efficiency decreases by around 3 to 5%

Tips and tricks fuel efficiency

Keep moving

How much fuel does it take to move a loaded truck from a standstill to cruising speed? 

0-65km/h = 0.54 liter
25-65km/h = 0.42 liter

So if safe, try to keep the mass rolling.

Tips and tricks fuel efficiency


• How much more fuel do you consume when your tires are underinflated?

Tips and tricks fuel efficiency
• Tire pressure has the greatest effect on rolling resistance
• So check your tire pressure regularly and always with a pressure gauge

Tips and tricks fuel efficiency

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