Keep your truck on the road

When UD extra mile aftermarket support cares for your vehicle you are free to focus on your core business. Enjoy total peace of mind throughout your vehicle's life cycle, knowing your truck is in the hands of dedicated professionals.


UD Genuine Service and Parts – maintain your truck on the road

We know Quester and can service it quickly and reliably. Our authorized dealers are equipped with world-class systems, tools and expertise, and they never compromise on quality. We only use UD Genuine Parts – specially designed and tested for your Quester – to secure vehicle performance. It's a complete solution for improving your uptime and transport economy.

UD Extra mile features

Quester is not simply a truck; it is a combination of products and services that bring value and competitiveness to your business. The basic features, for instance the UD International Warranty, are closely connected to Quester itself. In addition, we have additional features that boost uptime and fuel efficiency. And finally we have service agreements that minimize visits to the workshop and maximize uptime.


A service network with know-how

Long-term cost cutting is dependent on having proper service right from the start. UD Genuine Service is perfectly synchronized with your vehicle's current status. Our well-trained and competent front line staff will always service your truck in line with the UD Trucks service manual.


UD Genuine Parts – the perfect fit

They fit right the first time and are in harmony with the driveline and the vehicle. Our UD Genuine Parts are designed to deliver excellent reliability and durability and come with a one-year warranty. Finally, the parts are available when and where you need them.

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Planning and reminders for more uptime

Allow UD Trucks to take care of your truck's preventive maintenance. We give you a vehicle-specific service schedule followed by timely service reminders. This will reduce the number of visits to the workshop and optimize your vehicle's service intervals.


Backed by UD International Warranty

The UD Trucks international warranty gives you real peace of mind. It includes a full vehicle warranty for one year and a continued driveline warranty for the second year.


UD service agreements – Standard and Trust

Make your working life easier with a fixed monthly service cost. Our cost-competitive service agreements are personalized and aim at increasing your vehicle's service intervals and uptime. The two versions "Standard" and "Trust" can be signed for 12-60 months, depending on your preference.


Drive connected with Telematics

Leverage your possibilities. Quester is prepared for the future with Telematics hardware that will take your truck's service to the next level. The system can provide real-time positioning and transport routes, preventive maintenance analysis and breakdown assistance information.

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