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Genuine Service Agreements

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts allow you to pay a regular monthly sum for the service and repair requirements on a vehicle, instead of having to pay a relatively large sum on visiting the workshop. The Maintenance Plan offers you protection for all scheduled services and repairs that are subject to normal wear and tear**. These options will be available for a maximum of five years or 1 Million Kilometres/12 000 hours, whichever should occur first.  However, note that parameters can vary depending on the operating category of the vehicle.


  • Fixed monthly costs, more accurate budgeting;
  • Assurance that vehicle is maintained by trained technicians;
  • Reducing downtime and maximising utilisation;
  • Service requirements are professionally managed;
  • Improving reliability of vehicle.

Contract Types:

UD Trust Basic

Covers the cost of replacing drivetrain oils and oil filters.

UD Trust Standard

UD Trust Standard covers the cost of all services during the period requested by the customer, with the benefit of the additional support functions.

UD Trust Extra

Provides customers with a Service Contract, combined with cover on brakes and clutch replacements.  All support functions apply.

UD Trust Ultimate

The Ultimate Solution offering Customers full cover on all repairs and maintenance over the designated period, with the added advantage of all support functions.

Genuine Service Agreements

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