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Genuine Service Agreements

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Many years of research and development are behind delivering your UD Truck. A critical part of this research is to test and ensure reliability, vehicle productivity and ensure that we are delivering the best vehicle to support your business needs. The result of years of testing gives UD Trucks the ability to know exactly what is needed to take care of your UD Truck. From these tests, we then calculate the best way to service your truck. Your UD authorized dealer will consider your vehicle application, your business environment and demands. 

Based on this information, UD Trucks can offer the best plan to suit your business needs. Choose from a range of maintenance packages to meet your needs, from preventative to comprehensive. These packages features a combinations of UD Genuine Parts and Genuine Service, provided in harmony with your vehicle requirements. UD Genuine Service Agreements provide full detailed service plans, which give you the benefit of scheduling your services to suit your business needs. That gives you the assurance and peace of mind, your truck is ready to perform when you need it most.

Genuine Service Agreements

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