UD Trucks


Fuel efficiency

The new Quon leads the way in efficient performance. Our renowned GH11 engine is further developed, resulting in a new level of driveability and fuel efficiency. This is further improved in combination with our class-leading 12-speed ESCOT-V.


The new Quon and all our services are designed with a common goal: to keep your business running. This means we do everything possible to maximize uptime and secure everyday efficiency.


UD Trucks is your business partner, fully committed to offering you a total solution. Our complete UD extra mile support delivers quality and value, making sure your truck always runs in optimum condition.


Safety is key for efficient operation. First and foremost it’s about preventing accidents and minimizing the risk of injuries. But in addition, it’s also about securing uptime and reducing unnecessary hours at the workshop.

Driver efficiency

The Quon cabin is designed for driver comfort and everyday efficiency. The high level of cabin comfort and pleasant ambiance also help the driver stay alert and reduce fatigue during long-haul driving.


Efficient and reliable transports require an efficient and reliable chassis. Like in the new Quon. With high-quality components and built-in flexibility for easy adaption to your business.