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The next step in everyday efficiency

With the new Quon, UD Trucks has taken the lead in the ekiden race towards ultimate transport efficiency.

Moving you forward

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Refuel less, run further.

The new Quon leads the way in efficient performance. Our renowned GH11 engine is further developed, resulting in a new level of driveability and fuel efficiency.

Less weight, more load.

Efficient and reliable transports require an efficient and reliable chassis. Like the new Quon. With high-quality components and built -in flexibility for easy adaption to your business.

Proven technology

The new Quon is built on proven technology to ensure reliable durability. The widely acclaimed engines, transmissions and chassis have been fine-tuned for even more efficient performance.
Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)

The new AEBS is included in the Traffic Eye Brake system (TEB). It’s designed to reduce the risk of rear end collisions. It uses high-precision radar to monitor the distance and speed of vehicles in front.
Efficient service saves time

The staff at your local workshop can continuously monitor your vehicle on the road. This makes it possible to schedule the necessary jobs in advance and ensure that we have the right parts available.
Flexible finance solutions to support your business

With the right financial solution you can optimise cost of ownership and business operation. UD Genuine Financial Services offer some of the most comprehensive and flexible finance solutions in the industry.
Ergonomic dashboard

The ergonomic dashboard is designed like a cockpit, with frequently used controls within easy reach. The locations of meters and instruments are carefully selected to support easy operation.
Nenpioh is your fuel-saving co-pilot

The Nenpioh is a guidance system that gives the driver real-time advice on how to drive more efficiently. With both discreet visual and audio cues, it helps the driver to operate in the engines optimum rev range and improve fuel consumption.
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Quon – Moving you forward

Look under the front lid of the new Quon and you’ll find hundreds of new improvements. We have refined the Quon range with one key ambition: to deliver maximum transport efficiency. Which is why the Quon range delivers numerous best-in-class fuel efficiency features. It’s why you get improved payload capacity, and why we have taken a lead on safety.

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Quester – Made to go the extra mile

The new Quester is the result of our passion to run the extra mile in everything we do. To excel on the things that make a difference for you. The new Quester is a truck that runs the extra mile in every respect. A heavy-duty hero of the road, and a champion at saving money for your business.

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Condor – A maximum medium duty truck

Condor has a high power engine which works well on streets and traffic with stop and go, in addition to excellent fuel-efficiency that contribute to reduction of transportation cost. If your need is a working truck in the streets, Condor is your reliable business partner with safety and environment-friendliness as well.

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