Your workday just got more fun!

UD Trucks first mobile game ever launches you into a fantastic world where precision driving and fast running are crucial for success. Loaded with action, this game will challenge you to become the most dependable transporter on the road.

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Fast-paced road action with challenging enemies.


Drive and run through a beautifully rendered world.


Deliver the secret goods and save the future of Japan.

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Quon – Moving you forward

Look under the front lid of the new Quon and you’ll find hundreds of new improvements. We have refined the Quon range with one key ambition: to deliver maximum transport efficiency. Which is why the Quon range delivers numerous best-in-class fuel efficiency features. It’s why you get improved payload capacity, and why we have taken a lead on safety.

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Quester – Made to go the extra mile

The new Quester is the result of our passion to run the extra mile in everything we do. To excel on the things that make a difference for you. The new Quester is a truck that runs the extra mile in every respect. A heavy-duty hero of the road, and a champion at saving money for your business.

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Condor – A maximum medium duty truck

Condor has a high power engine which works well on streets and traffic with stop and go, in addition to excellent fuel-efficiency that contribute to reduction of transportation cost. If your need is a working truck in the streets, Condor is your reliable business partner with safety and environment-friendliness as well.

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