Quester – Made to go the extra mile

The new Quester is the result of our passion to run the extra mile in everything we do. To excel on the things that make a difference for you. The new Quester is a truck that runs the extra mile in every respect. A heavy-duty hero of the road, and a champion at saving money for your business.

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Quon – Eternal flow of time

The word Quon literally means the eternal flow of time in Japanese. Our “eternal flow of time” refers to our evolutionary growth from the past to the future together with our customers. We believe that this will allow us to provide you with the ultimate level of reliability with our products and services, allowing us to run the extra mile together.

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Condor – A maximum medium duty truck

Condor has a high power engine which works well on streets and traffic with stop and go, in addition to excellent fuel-efficiency that contribute to reduction of transportation cost. If your need is a working truck in the streets, Condor is your reliable business partner with safety and environment-friendliness as well.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The new Quester launch in the Philippines

After the global launch in Thailand in August, 2013, the new Quester was recently launched for the first time in the Philippines in cooperation with Civic Merchandising, Inc., a UD Trucks Philippines importer.

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Last-ever Big Thumb rolls off the production line

In the evening of 27th March, the last-ever Big Thumb, UD Trucks’ heavy-duty truck, finally rolled off the production line. UD Trucks has watched over the production of the Big Thumb over a grand total of 24 years since the truck first one that was produced in 1990. The last Big Thumb truck will shortly be shipped to Bolivia.

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