UD Trucks heritage

World-class Japanese technology delivers durability, reliability and care for the environment.

Originally UD stood for Uniflow-Scavenging Diesel Engine, an engine we released in 1955 that resolved critical engines issues such as size, noise and cost. This engine became our main product for several decades. UD was to become our promise and thinking of Ultimate Dependability which we still stand by today. We listen to the needs of our customers to deliver solutions that will ultimately enhance their businesses and services. 

UD Trucks is your business partner, committed to providing a complete, Genuine Aftermarket solution. A commitment that means you can deliver with confidence.As a global company based in Japan, we take full advantage of the technology available to us for product development. 


At UD Trucks, we thrive on challenge. We were the first company to apply the Urea SCR System, which has now become the standard for truck manufacturing in Japan. We introduced Genuine Custom Paint to our manufacturing facilities much earlier than other Japanese companies. If we look back at our history, it is clear that we have constantly met the challenges we have faced. Furthermore, UD Trucks have always emphasizes on-site, field oriented approach. This is why our managers visit our product development facilities and have direct communication with our staff. For us, significant questions or problems are not simply data or numbers. UD Trucks answers the challenges of tomorrow, whatever the possible consequences. The answer is always on site.